Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't Call-Leave a Note!
When the timing is so perfect that its almost impossible to believe you scratch your head and wonder, "it couldn't of worked out that way if I planned it" .   Newly weds are called that for a reason, just married, and its new.  New emotions, traditions, thought processes, actions to consider, consequences to address.  It was a quaint little duplex, remodeled to add a laundry section and room for a table to eat at.  Both working , no children, long hours, so the few moments one or the other or both have at home is a rarity.   Throw in a high school friend in the extra bedroom and it becomes a little chaotic, entertaining, nonstop conversation at any given time between any number of combinations up to 3, making alone time almost non existent, but on that opportunity of complete silence, for the one hour total that happened in the whole time our house guest was there, I decided to go out on our tiny porch and dig in the tiny square next to it in order to plant a couple plants to make it look like we would be staying for awhile. In my mind we were. But  the other half of my newly wed union came home to a scene straight out of a nightmare, his own.  He frantically ran around the house looking for clues, finding more along the way,  not making any sense of what his brain was thinking for him.  In his panic he makes that Call, the NO NO call, the  call that no husband should ever make until he has all the facts, but his brain was sure it knew all the facts.  So he called,  the MOTHER IN LAW-  that would be my mother, who just a few short months ago was asking her daughter in question if she was sure this was the man she wanted to marry.  I assured her it was, and I promised her I wasn't coming back and she could turn that bedroom into her office.  He Called her, speaking so fast my mom probably would of needed an ambulance(if you knew her that would be funny right now) thinking something terrible had happened, because that's what mother in laws think when their son in laws call them all frantic and such, but she didn't have time to call the ambulance , she had to decipher what the new groom was speaking,  and when finally revealed, she too was in a temporary state of panic.  My mom knows she is the first person I would call in a situation like this, and how dare I or better said how could I NOT CALL MY MOM!   So the two of them tried to figure out why on earth I would leave my husband of only a few months.   "Tell me again, "  she asked him.  He said " I came home, and their were suitcases next to her car, I walked in the house and couldn't find her and so walked over to the  (historic) answering machine to  see if she left me a message, and there sitting on top of the outdated message taker were her wedding rings, no note no nothing just suitcases, her car still here and wedding rings".  She calmed him down and said, there has to be an explanation for this,  and the first  thing he should of noticed but didn't were the flowers I planted, men don't see that stuff,  If he saw those he would of known I was planning on staying.  But all he saw was suitcases, sitting by my car,  thinking a friend had come to pick me up to talk and get me situated somewhere else then come back for my stuff.  He was unaware that the suitcases had been previously borrowed, by my aunt, that brought them back and was in a hurry and just dropped them there by the car! Remember the rings,  plural, if he would of picked them BOTH up he would of seen that were broke apart, and bent, from me digging in that tiny square to put pretty roots down.  I have a tendency to loose things so I put them where everyone (all 3 of us) living in the house would see them to remind me I needed to get them fixed before I lost them.  The third member of our house came home after searching for a job and said, wanna go play tennis,  and me being a tennis pro since I was eight because my dad taught me, and dads are pros at stuff like tennis and bowling and even if you suck at it they tell you your a pro, well, most dads do,  to this day I am 46 years old and the last time we went to have fun as a family bowling, remember I said FUN, theres my dad being the Bowling coach telling me "SIS your twisting your wrist!" "Pick your arrows"  so yes I thought I was a pro and said to our room renter,  with an evil grin "Sure I wanna play" all the while knowing I was going to take the trophy ( some random rock we picked up at the court)  I really can't remember who won (that doesn't mean I didn't just means I can't remember) But I came walking in the door and got the biggest bear hug to that date since being married, and as we looked back at the circumstances that were in perfect place for  a scene of an unhappy newlywed,  all three of us had a laugh.  Not the mom in law, I think she is still angry for him calling , and me for not leaving a note.    Moral of the story,  don't call the mom in law unless its "were on the way to the hospital, good or bad,  and for the newly wed wife, (that was me)  LEAVE A NOTE!

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